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Get to know the .info Domain Name

Every domain have specific details and characteristics that every domain owner should be aware of!

What does .info stand for?

Today, the Internet has become the most important information source. .INFO is the online bridge connecting people who prove information with people who search for information. .INFO is one of the most popular, well-known and trusted domain extensions, with that being said, selecting it will prove that you are a reliable source. .INFO is an open tld which can be registered by anyone for any purpose.

Important periods for the lifecycle of .info Domain Names


1 - 10 Years


36 days

30 days

5 days


Renewal Grace
Pending Delete
Website & Domain Status
Website & Domain Status Domain Period Period Length
Active Registration 1 - 10 Years
Renewal Grace 36
Inactive Redemption Grace 30
Pending Delete 5 days
Available For Registration

The lifecycle of a domain name consist of few different periods which every domain owner should be familiar with for better domain name management. Here are the typical periods most of the domain names share:

1. AVAILABLE Period - The period in which a .info domain name is AVAILABLE for registration. The registration requirements of an AVAILABLE domain name depend on the domain extension. For more information on the requirements for registering .info domain name please check the next section.

2. Registration Period - Once a .info domain name is registered, it enters in the Registration period which can vary depending on the duration the domain has been registered for. Typically the registration period of .info domain name is between 1 and 10 years. In this period a .info domain name can be renewed anytime after the initial 45 days from the point of the domain registration.

3. Renewal Grace Period - When a .info domain name Expires it changes few periods before it gets completely deleted. The first one is called Renewal Grace Period and as the name suggests this is gracefully provided period for the owner of a domain name to renew the domain. During this period the .info domain will suffer no penalties meaning that the same will be fully functional along with the website it displays. Typically for .info domain this period lasts up to 36 days.

4. Redemption Grace Period - If a .info domain name is not renewed within the Renewal Grace Period it enters the Redemption Grace Period. During this period a .info domain name and the website it displays become inactive, meaning that the domain will be automatically detached from any web hosting service it has been pointing to. In this period of 30 days the domain name can be restored/renewed but there is an additional restoration fee which might vary depending on the domain extension.

5. Pending Delete Period - This is the final period in which a .info domain name can exist. During this period of up to 5 days the domain name is being deleted by the Registrar and the same CANNOT be renewed/restored. After that period passes, the domain name can be registered again since it becomes AVAILABLE for registration.

Requirements for the registration/transfer of .info Domain Name

Requirements to register .INFO domain:

  • Domain length - 3 - 63 Characters

Requirements to transfer .INFO domain:

  • Authorization code (EPP key): 6 - 16 Characters
  • Registrar Lock: Disabled
  • Privacy Protection: Disabled 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You ask, we answer! Here are the most asked questions for our services!

What is Top Level Domain (TLD) or Domain Extension?
  • A Top Level Domain (TLD) or also known as Domain Extension, is that part of a Domain Name which illustrates the relation of the Domain name to an actual domain(area) of expertise. Typically it is located directly after the Second Level Domain or after the last "." (dot) in the Domain Name string. 

    For example, in the domain name the ".com" part is the Top Level Domain and it illustrates the relation between our services and the Commercial (.com) area of expertise.

    Another good example is The TLDs or Domain Extension, in this case, is ".de" and it illustrates that the domain relates to Germany. 

    HostArmada offers a large variety of domain extensions which our users can easily register. However, there are certain TLDs or Domain Extensions that have specific requirements to the Registrants(the customers) before registering a domain name. These requirements can be checked on every Domain Extension page that we have on our website.

Can I change the Top Level Domain once registered?
  • Unfortunately changing the Top Level Domain once the Domain Name has been registered is not an option. This limitation is put by the Registry and our Registrar service have to comply with it. If a user registered a Domain Name with a Top Level Domain that is incorrect the only option that we can offer is the registration of a second Domain Name and for the first one to be Parked or Forwarded to the new Domain Name.

What will I pay for the registration/transfer/renewal of my Domain Name?
  • That depends on the selected Top Level Domain and on whether or not the selected Top Level Domain name is in a promotion or it is presented with its regular price. If the Top Level Domain is in promotion then the price for the Registration/Transfer is the promotional price while the Renewal price will be the regular price of the Top Level Domain. If the Top Level Domain is not in any ongoing promotion then the price for the Registration/Transfer/Renewal services is the same. 

Can I register more than one Top Level Domain but with the same Second Level Domain?
  • Yes, of course! Registering more than one Top Level Domain with the same Second Level Domain is recommended when our customers would like to protect their business and also make it easily accessible for their visitors. Please note that there are no discounts provided for bulk Domain Name registrations. 

Will I receive notifications when I need to renew my Domain Name?
  • Yes, of course! We will send an email when your Domain Name is about to expire along with a renewal invoice. If the Domain Name should be renewed the renewal invoice should be paid within the Renewal Grace Period of 45 days.